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Victoria Square, Montreal

Image depicts an exterior view of Victoria Square, Montreal, Quebec, including the statue of Queen Victoria. Printed around the border of the image is the photographer information "J. G. PARKS, PHOTOGRAPHER. 195 1/2 ST. JAMES STREET, MONTREAL...

Indian Professional Dancers

Postcard depicts two professional first nations dancers, performing the Swan Dance in the Alert Bay, BC longhouse. Photograph and postcard by Eric J. Cooke.

Eric J. Cooke

Bella Coola [houses]

File mainly contains photocopies of architectural drawings and plans of the Bella Coola house that was part of the CMC House project. Other records include a list of artists from Bella Coola who were potential candidates to work on the house, and ...

Mission, Lax-Kw'alaams (Port Simpson), B. C.

Image depicts house and canoes with forest in background located in Lax-Kw'alaams (Port Simpson). Printed on the image is the inscription "GOLD HARBOR, NEAR SKIDEGATE, Q. C. ISLAND." Printed around the border of the image is the ph...

Similkameen [high desert and cabin]

Image of a high desert area in the Similkameen region of BC, with mostly brush and some patches of trees. A wire fence is in the foreground, and a log cabin is in the background.

Haida Pk., UBC

Image of the Haida house at the Museum of Anthropology while it was being constructed.

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