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Boys Posing Outdoors

Item is a negative showing children wearing light coloured hats and holding light coloured flags posing in front of a building. Behind them appear older men without the hats or flags.

Group portrait of men, women and children outside

Image shows men, women, and children posed outside. A seated man wears a headdress. Trees and structures are visible in the background. It appears they are posed in front of a car or wagon.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of boy

Image is a head and shoulders portrait of a boy. Photographer information printed on verso with the inscription "Geo. Kirton, Photographer, Woodstock, ONT. Rooms on Ground Floor, opp. the Market".

Villagers Posing Outdoors

Item is a negative showing women, children and one man posing outdoors. Other villagers, two loaded pack animals, a road, a fence, and a valley appear in the background.

Native children: Steve Robinson's daughter at Klemtu

Image of two young Musqueam boys kneeling down at the edge of the Fraser River. The boys are facing away from the camera. A different image of the same scene is printed on page 59 of Carter's book "Abundant Rivers."

Anthony Carter

Portrait of girl

Image is a head and shoulders portrait of a girl. Printed on verso is photographer information which reads "S. A. Spencer, Photographer, FORT STREET, Victoria, B. C." An additional inscription in pencil reads "Martha".

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