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A country house

Item is a photograph of a country house on a body of water. A tree and horse also appear. Reads, "A country home."

Mountain stairway with arch

Item is a photograph of a mountain stairway. An arch appears in the background Some people are sitting next to the stairway. Similar image as a033363

Large bell

Item is a photograph of a large bell. A figure wearing traditional clothing appears

A woman kneeling on a cushion

Item is a photograph of a woman wearing traditional clothing kneeling on a cushion. Reads, "WRITING A LETTER." Possibly by photographer Kozaburo Tamamura or Kimbei Kusakabe

City street scene

Item is a photograph of a city street scene. Several people wearing traditional clothing and rickshaws appear. Notes read, "Osaka" but not indicated on plate.

Bridge over water

Item is a photograph of a bridge over water. Some buildings appear in the background. Reads, "KINTAIKYO BRIDGE NEAR INLAND SEA."

Sailboat on lake

Item is a photograph of a sailboat on a lake. Reads, "A JAPANESE JUNK." Possibly by photographer Kimbei Kusakabe

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