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Governo local 0
Hotéis 0

Use for: Sem título, Artifacts, Artefacts

Landforms (1) 4
Buildings (3) 9
Stores, Retail

Use for: Sem título, Shops, Retail stores

Longhouses 51
Trucks 1
Special events

Use for: Sem título, Events, special

Coppers 7
Environmental protection 1
Museum of Anthropology (95) 2
Renewal project
  • Museum renovations that took place between 2006 and 2010, funded in large part by a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant named Partnership of Peoples that was awarded to the Museum of Anthropology in 2007. Renovations included a new research wing, new offices, laboratories, a culturally sensitive research room, recording studio, and a new exhibition hall (The Audain Gallery). Other enhancements included MOA's new Multiversity Galleries, the creation of the Reciprocal Research Network (RRN), expansion of the Museum Shop, a new cafe, and courtyard and outdoor events area.
Plants (1) 0
Subject 1 0
Education 22
Youth 10
Buddhism 1
Headdresses (1)

Use for: Sem título, Headgear, Hat

Hangings 2
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