Bodies of water



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Bodies of water

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Bodies of water

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Bodies of water

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Steamship's deck

Image depicts a steamship's deck. Visible are four men standing within and adjacent to the ship's cabin. In the background is the ocean and land in silhouette. Printed around the border of the image is the photographer information "PHOTOGRAPHED BY R. MAYNARD, VICTORIA, . . . B. C." Printed on the verso is the photographer information with the inscription "R. Maynard, Photographic Artist, AND DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS, COR. OF DOUGLAS AND JOHNSON STS., VICTORIA, B. C. -- Views of British Columbia and Vancouver Island for Sale." A handwritten inscription reads "No 10".

River rapids

Image depicts a river, perhaps the Skeena River, with rapidly flowing water. Evergreen trees are visible along the river banks.

River landscape

Image depicts a river, perhaps the Skeena River, with rapidly flowing water. Evergreen trees are visible along the river banks. An individual, possibly Ruth Read, can be seen standing at the river's edge.

River canoeing

Image depicts five individuals canoeing along a river. A fishing boat is visible in the background, as are trees at the water's edge.

Woman standing beside a river

Image depicts a woman standing near the edge of a rapids filled river. The river is surrounded by trees. The woman may be Read's wife Ruth.

Mountains and creek

Image depicts a very shallow creek winding through a clearing. Trees and mountains are visible in the distance.

Mountains and river valley

Image depicts a range of mountains with a valley and river running through it. Based on Read's itinerary for this trip, this may be the Skeena River and valley.

Fraser River

Image of the Fraser River, most likely in the east Fraser River valley.

William Carr

View of lake and mountains, version two

View from the shore of lake with mountains in the distance. Several canoes are visible on the lake; three people can be seen walking toward the lake in the lower centre of the print.

Fred Ryckman

View of mountains and valley

View from an elevated area showing a valley with mountains on either side. There appears to be a river running through the valley.

Fred Ryckman


Item is a negative showing the mountainous landscape of Yutang with a large river in the foreground. There is a wooden bridge crossing the river.

Capt. + Parker

Item is a negative showing a man, Lt. Parker standing in front of his horse next to a river. Parker is faced away from the camera and is looking across the river. There are mountains in the background.

River Amp Chu

Item is a negative showing a close up of the Amp Chu river. There are mountains in the background.

Frozen waterfall

Item is a photograph showing a frozen waterfall on the far side of the river.

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