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Frederich H. Maude fonds Cultural groups Con objetos digitales
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Photograph of two Hopi women (whom Maude identifies using the outdated term Moki) weaving a manta.


Photograph of a group of Hopi women (whom Maude identifies using the outdated term Moki) baking pottery at Orau (?).

Navajo Hogan

Photograph depicts a Hogan in Arizona made out of branches and logs with a group of people in front. The hogan is the sacred home structure of the Navajo.

Oraibi Terrace Houses

Photograph depicts terrace houses at Oraibi, a Hopi village in Arizona. The photograph shows a corner along with the entrance to the estufa, or underground room.

Woman weaving

Photograph depicts a woman weaving at a loom taken somewhere in the American Southwest, likely in Arizona.

Oraibi- Interior of Hopi House

Photograph depicts what Maude describes as a flashlight photograph of the interior of the house of their host, Seanmia. Two women are grinding corn on the metate.

Cliffside steps

Photograph depicts a group of people sitting on a set of cliffside steps, likely somewhere in Arizona.

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