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Gillian Darling Kovanic fonds
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Audio Material

Cassette tapes which correspond to Kalash Field Notebooks with phonetic translations and transcriptions, case holds notes describing the contents of the tapes.

Banni Tape 1

Part 1: A herd of white Kankrej cattle in the village of Raisiputra. Footage includes people milking the cows, roping the cows and herding the cows in town. (at TC 01:00:33:00)

Part 2: Dhamadhaka block printers. Footage includes men at various stages of work, beginning with the work of putting a print onto plain cloth by hand with a block of wood, drying the printed cloth and folding it. (at TC 01:25:53:00)

Part 3: Tribal full moon festival in Kutch. Footage includes street scenes of people celebrating and musicians performing. (at TC 01:49:07:00)

Part 4: Street scenes in Rapar Village, Eastern Kutch. Footage includes scenes in a market. (at TC 02:01:00)

Banni Tape 2

Part 1: Bhuj
Footage includes various location shots: a view of the city, the palace and shots of architecture. Also includes footage of a Muslim family celebrating lid. (starts at TC 02:00:20:00)

Part 2: Scenes from Chari Dhund (bird sanctuary), with over-wintering birds from Central Asian plateau, including flamingos, spoonbills, cranes, and sand pipers. Also includes buffalo herds on salt pan, camel herds, and sheep and herders. (starts at TC (02:15:22:00)

Banni Tape 3

Part 1: continuation of footage from Chari Dhund (bird sanctuary). Includes cranes, egrets, 'gando baawal' tree spreading and causing destruction in some of the richest grasslands of South Asia. (starts at TC 03:00:00)

Part 2: street scenes of Bhuj, including local tribals coming to town for shopping and footage of a Jain temple (priest and prayers). (starts at TC 03:30:13)

Banni Tape 4

Part 1: Meghwal village. (also spelled Meghwar)
Footage includes scenes of a house interior and exterior, which belongs to a woman named Ludia. Also included is a woman, Sama Ben, doing embroidery and applique work and cooking with her daughter and daughter-in-law. An unidentified man is then shown wood carving. (starts at TC 04:00:00)

Part 2: Dhoradawandah (Mutwa village).
Footage includes architectural details of the exterior of homes in the village. (starts at TC 04:35:58)

Part 3: Mutwa tile making.
Mehmood Iliyas, an artisan, teaches his son to make tiles. (starts at TC 04:57:10)

Banni Tape 5

Part 1: Artisan Mehmood Iiyas continues to make mud and mirror 'embroidered' tiles (father to son transmission of craft knowledge). (starts at TC 05:00:29:00)

Part 2: Exterior and interior shots of this master craftman's house in Dhorda. (starts at TC 05:18:46)

Part 3: charcoal making between Hodka and main road -- family labour chopping, piling, burning (migrant workers -- Tribals) (starts at TC 05:30:31:00)

Part 4: Camel herds and drivers watering animals and them moving out across a salt pan. (starts at TC 05:44:43:00)

Banni Tape 6

Part 1: Herijan (Meghwal, also spelled Meghwar) local men unloading wood from jeep for charcoal making outside Village Hodka. (starts at TC 06:00:25:30)

Part 2: Hodka camp architectural details (starts at TC 06:03:09)

Part 3: Evening prayer (bhajan) in Hodka Village with family of Basar Bhai and his brother Sumar Bhura Khoyla (Meghwal). (starts at TC 06:08:46:00)

Part 4: Musical group at Hodka Camp. (starts at TC 06:25:35)

Part 5: Children of Sumar Bhai and Bhasar Bhair family complex at Hodka pay, Sumar Bhai's mother embroiders on house porch, care-taking baby son, embroidering kanjari (blouse) in Meghwal style. (starts at TC 06:33:00:01)

Part 6: start of Bhasar Bhai 'ustad' making leather. (starts at TC 06:55:34)

Banni Tape 7

Part 1: Master craftsman 'ustad' Bhasar Bhai making a variety of leather goods with his nephew, Bhasa Bhura Khoyla. (starts at TC 07:00:29:00)

Part 2: children of family, Meghwal style (also spelled Meghwar). The children get treats. Also includes, various designs and architectural details in Hodka Village, and driving shots from Hodka to the main road that goes to Bhuj. (starts at TC 07:09:21)

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