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Stanley E. Read fonds Boats Imagen
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Fleet of boats

Image depicts a fleet of boats, likely fishing boats, on the water. Trees and mountains are visible in the distance.

Women canoeing

Image depicts five women canoeing along a river. Several structures, possibly houses, are visible in the background, as are trees at the water's edge.

River canoeing

Image depicts five individuals canoeing along a river. A fishing boat is visible in the background, as are trees at the water's edge.

Launching a boat

Image depicts either the launching or landing of a boat. Another smaller boat is visible on the left side of the image. The fleet of boats from item a034785 is visible behind these two smaller boats.

Boats in harbour

Image depicts a variety of boats moored in a harbour. Some other structures, possibly related to the harbour, are also visible.

Woman in a canoe

Image depicts a woman seated in a canoe along the shoreline. The canoe appears to be propped on a wooden beam that keeps it from drifting away. The woman may be Ruth Reed, the photographer's wife.