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Anthony Carter fonds British Columbia Kwakwaka'wakw Com objeto digital
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Charlie James totem pole

Image of totem pole carved by Charles James.

The pole was re-adzed and re-painted by Kwakwaka'wakw carver Mungo Martin before shipping to UBC in 1947. Repainted and repaired by Ellen Neel (1949) and by Mungo Martin (1950-51). It stood at Totem Pole Park, UBC Campus until it was re-located to the Museum's Great Hall ca. 1976.

Anthony Carter

Feast dish

Image of a feast dish. This dish is now part of MOA's object collection.

Anthony Carter

George Hunt Sr. pole (Kwakwaka’wakw)

Image of totem pole carved by George Hunt Sr. The pole is now part of the museum's collection.
This pole was originally carved for the Edward S. Curtis film "In the Land of the War Canoes" which was originally titled "In the Land of the Head Hunters". The pole was repaired and re-painted by carvers Ellen Neel in 1949 and Mungo Martin in 1950-51. It stood at Totem Park, UBC Campus until it was re-located to the Museum's Great Hall in 1976.

Anthony Carter

[Totem pole, Mamalilikulla]

Image of an old totem pole at the Mamalilikulla village, Village Island. The pole is being held up by a rope.

Anthony Carter

Sam Weber with mask, Kingcome

Image of Kingcome resident holding a mask carved by the late chief Willie Seaweed of Blunden Harbour. A colour version of this image is printed on page 49 of Carter's book From History's Locker.

Anthony Carter

Kwakiutl longhouse, Kingcome Inlet

Image of the interior carved columns of a Kwakiutl longhouse at Kingcome Inlet, BC. A long canoe runs the length of the centre of the longhouse.

Anthony Carter

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