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Martine J. Reid Rites and ceremonies
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Daisy Sewid - Lorne Smith Wedding Potlatch

Daisy Sewid and Lorne Smith wedding potlatch. Recorded by Martine de Widerspach-Thor (Reid) at the traditional Big House, Alert Bay.
3 copies. Identifiers are MAN 230a, 230b, 230c, 230d for the 3 copies.

Martine J. Reid

Agnes Alfred and Daisy Sewid-Smith at Jimmy Sewid's house

Conversation between Agnes Alfred and her granddaughter Daisy Sewid-Smith., recorded by Martine Reid at Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sewid's house, Campbell River on February 18, 1975.
Side 1: Agnes Alfred ad Daisy discuss the 1921 "illegal" potlatch at Village Island followed by the arrest of many participants, including herself and her husband.
Side 2: Regular and larger canoes, Agnes' may names and the origins of the names, where she was born, her houses, menstruation, pregnancy, having children, reincarnation, aristocracy, etc.

Martine J. Reid

Axu Leading Potlatch Procession

Image of Agnes Alfed leading a procession. People on the background.
Handwritten annotation on back "Axu leading potlatch procession. No date" and number 10-1.
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 123.

Martine J. Reid