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Daisy May Sewid-Smith Inglés
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Agnes Alfred "Axxuw" Campbell River, Dec. 11, 1980

Item is handwritten translations of tape ----------------------- by Daisy Sewid-Smith.
Item includes Daisy Sewid-Smith's comments from December 28, 1998 and a note by Martine J. Reid with a reference to its use for the book's manuscript.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Learning Our Ways Section Draft

Item is a draft of the section "Learning Our Ways" in the book, pages 83 to 91.
Item is a typed copy of the draft with annotations in red and black pen, and post-it and paper notes with more annotations.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith


Item is handwritten translations of tape ----------------------- by Daisy Sewid-Smith.
Item includes a letter to Martine J. Reid from Daisy Sewid-Smith explaining the content of the notes, dated January 25, 1999.
Item includes notes by Martine J. Reid related to the edition of the manuscript

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Nawalakwaeiy in 1994

Image of the entrance to a cave with two people standing past the entrance.
Handwritten annotation on back "This is when I went to see the Cave, the Nawalakwaeiy in 1994."
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 107.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Language Information

Item includes information on the Kwakwala language.
Item includes one page with the Kwakwala and Liqwala keyboard layout and four pages with names of places, people, etc. in Kwakwala and their translations in English (typed and handwritten).

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Paddling to Where I Stand collection

  • 138
  • Colección
  • 1979 - 2003

Collection illustrates the gathering of information and writing of the book “Paddling to Where I Stand.” Collection includes interviews to Agnes Alfred conducted by Martine J. Reid and Daisy Sewid-Smith between 1979 and 1985. Interviews are documented as audio and video recordings and their written transcriptions. Collection includes other materials gathered by Martine J. Reid and Daisy Sewid-Smith for the edition and publication of the book. Collection also contains the manuscripts and draft for the book; correspondence between Martine J. Reid, Daisy Sewid-Smith and other people; eulogies and funeral pamphlets; Agnes Alfred’s family information; historical notes; and miscellanea. Collection includes photographic materials with photographs included in the book and additional photographs gathered by Martine J. Reid and Daisy Sewid-Smith during their research. Collection includes portraits of Agnes Alfred’s parents.

Martine J. Reid

Campbell River: Daisy Smith and Agnes Alfred

Item is a recording of Daisy Sewid-Smith and Sgnes Alfred. Item was recorded by Daisy Sewid-Smith at Campbell River, prior to Martine Reid involvement. Item was translated by Daisy Sewid-Smith in 1979.
Item includes four cassette tapes with Agnes Alfred and Dorothy Hawkins talking about love songs; the Hamatsa mask song; permission to use the chant of the Nimpkish, of the Kwakiutl; and their life story.
Item was numbered by creator with roman number II.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Daisy and Lorne Smith Traditional Indian Wedding

Item includes two translations of Daisy Sewid-Smith and Lorne Smith wedding.
First translation is printed in yellow paper and includes annotations and correction in pencil.
Second translation is printed and dated in Vancouver, April, 1988 and includes annotations and corrections in pen.
Item corresponds with Appendix D in the book.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

The Massacre

Item is a relation of the relocation of the Qwiqwasut t inux in Village Island they were attacked by the Bella Coola in 1856.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

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