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Mask drawings

Subseries consists of drawings created by Sawyer of various Northwest Coast masks housed in museums in North America and Europe. On each of these drawings, Sawyer notes the museum in which the mask is housed as well as each mask’s catalogue number. For some of the drawings, Sawyer provides additional information about the masks such as the First Nations community from which the mask originated, its dimensions, the approximate dates of the mask’s creation, and other special features about the mask such as its coloring and/or any attachments included with the mask.

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Alan R. Sawyer

Museum research materials

Subseries contains research materials compiled and/or created by Sawyer to supplement his slide collection of the various Northwest coast artifacts stored in museums around North America and Europe. The materials compiled by Sawyer include photocopies of museum catalogs and index cards, as well as photocopies of published articles containing research information on some of the museum collections’ contributors, such as George T. Collins, and Louis Shotridge. Additionally, Sawyer complied his own research on some of the artifacts housed in various museums, noting information such as the size of the artifacts, the sizes of various parts of the artifacts, any colours on the artifacts, the condition of the artifacts, etc.

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Alan R. Sawyer

Scholarly research materials

Subseries contains copies of various published and unpublished essays related to Sawyer’s research on Northwest Coast artifacts, including essays written by Frederica de Laguna, Aldonia Jonaitis, Sylvia Albright, James Haggarty and Richard Inglis, Philip Drucker, Bill Holm and more. Other research materials include maps and newspaper clippings related to the Northwest Coast.

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Alan R. Sawyer


Subseries consists of records compiled by Sawyer on various Northwest coast artifacts in a number of scrapbooks. Graphic materials include photographs and postcards depicting items such as weavings, masks, totem poles, villages, and other artifacts. Some of the photographs contain information about the artifact being depicted, such as the First Nation community that created the artifact, the date of the artifact’s creation, the museum and/or location that the artifact is located in, and/or the dimensions of the artifact. Textual materials include newspaper and magazine clippings, museum brochures, and drawings of artifacts.

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Alan R. Sawyer

Slides of artifacts

Subseries consists of photographic slides taken by Sawyer of Northwest Coast artifacts housed in various museums around North America and Europe, or of artifacts located in First Nation villages on BC’s northwest coast and/or the Alaskan panhandle. Some of the artifacts include the following: masks; totem poles; hats and helmets; effigies and figures; headdresses and frontlets; fishing equipment; weavings and blankets; armor and weaponry; shaman regalia and wands; boxes; necklaces; combs; and various household items such as bowls. A majority of the slides contain additional information about the artifact depicted in it. This information may include the following: name of the artifact; the First Nations community from which the artifact originated from; the museum and/or location of the artifact; the dimensions of the artifact; and/or the date of the artifact’s creation.

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Alan R. Sawyer