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Old community photographs

File consists of photographs taken of old photographs owned by community members in La Push. Jensen took the photographs in the owner's home and provided the owner with a copy of the image she created.

ref # 3-1-H-2

Ledger Book [Original & Copies]

File contains a ledger book and photocopies of it. The ledger book was written by Fred Ryckman ca. 1920 and includes census information by location.

Fred Ryckman

YVR correspondence

File contains copies of correspondence both sent and received between Bill McLennan and YVR Airport regarding several different pieces of Northwest Coast Artworks to be displayed at the airport. Other records include correspondence between various Musqueam Band members and YVR airport, with McLennan being a copied recipient of these letters and/or memos.


File contains a copy of the <i>Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre: Waugh + Busby Architects: Project Brief - Book 1, January 14, 2004</i> report (in box 70.3) and Book 2 of the same report (box 13.4).

CMC houses PR

The file contains two copies of a letter McLennan wrote to the CBC's Fifth Estate programe regarding the Northwest Coast Houses project at the CMC, as well as photocopies of news clippings pertaining to the same project. The photograph depicts a man, artist Terry Starr, painting on a wooden screen.

2010 Olympics

File contains information about the 2010 Olympic Aboriginal Art Program, including an overview and objective aims of the project, and a more indepth report titled "Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal Participation News".

NWC metals project – digital prints

File contains copies of letters McLennan wrote to people and the American Museum of Natural History in order to identify the artist who created the bracelet as identified in the previous file. Other records include a catalogue list and information about the formation of copper and silver bracelets.

Silver bracelet scans

File contains 9 CD-ROMS (one of which is blank) containing digital images of bracelets held at various museums in Canada and the United States. Some of the CDs also contains digital copies of textual records listing information about the bracelets. The photographs contain images of bracelets from an unspecified museum exhibit(s). The textual records are photocopies of CD covers listing the contents on the CDs.

Freda Diesing school 2007

File contains a information pertain to the <i> Challenging the Paradigm: Decolonizing Post-Secondary Education</i> conference held at Northwest College on October 11-13 2007. The file also contains photocopies of two news articles related to the conference.

Freda Diesing school 2011

File contains information about the Margaret A Cargill Foundation and its grant of $1500 awarded to the Museum of Anthropology and a print off of a news story on the Northwest Community College website pertaining to the Lieutenant Governor Steven Point's visit to the Freda Diesing School.

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