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Sun, Moon and Owl books

File contains “Sun, Moon and Owl” book 1, 2, and 3, the “Teacher’s Guide to Sun, Moon, and Owl”, and the “Reading Skills Worksheets for Sun, Moon and Owl books 1, 2 and 3” all written by Karen J. Clark and published in 1974

Tahltan Native Studies Job Cards

File contains 31 job cards with a photograph on one side and text on the other side. The photographs include aspects of the Tahltan culture (stories, symbols, people, history, etc.). The texts are divided between: information about the card and a section named “Something to talk over with the Elders.” These job cards were created to be used in class activities and part of their content was eventually introduced in the “Tahltan Native Studies”


File contains a biographical sketch of Karen J. Clark, a paper printed photograph of the sewed badge of the Indian Residential School of Lower Post; photocopies of four letters addressed to Mrs. Clark in 1967, 1968, 1972, and 1973, 1981; photocopies of two newspaper clips about Mrs. Clark and/or her classes; two photocopies of the cover of “Sun, Moon and Owl”; a photocopy of the cover of “Tahltan Native Studies”, a photocopy of an advertisement to buy her last books “Language Experiences with Children Stories” and “Once Upon a Time”.

Tahltan Native Studies book and associated materials

File contains a published copy of the book “Tahltan Native Studies”, a photocopy of it, the “Course outline Tahltan native Studies, year 1-5” The “Course Outline” presents a photography on the first page with four people in it. Below the photograph, someone added a post-it note with the names of the people.

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