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Fred Ryckman Dossiê Inglés
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Articles and Correspondence [Photocopies]

File contains photocopies of correspondence received by Fred Ryckman and photocopies of newspaper articles relating to members of the First Nations whom Ryckman came into contact with as a result of his work as well as materials relating to Ryckman himself.

Fred Ryckman

Kootenays [Typed & Handwritten transcipts]

File contains Ryckman's typed notes on the history of the Kootenay people and on some Kootenay stories. File also contains 3 handwritten pages (probably by Ryckman's daughter) with what are described as 14 "creeds" of the Kootenay people, translated by a Father De Smet (?) passed by a Father Patterson to Ryckman.

Fred Ryckman

Ledger Book [Original & Copies]

File contains a ledger book and photocopies of it. The ledger book was written by Fred Ryckman ca. 1920 and includes census information by location.

Fred Ryckman


File contains contact sheets, negatives, and photocopies of 121 photographs taken by Fred Ryckman ca. 1920.

Fred Ryckman