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Airplane Spruce

Written on front: "Airplane Spruce cut from 97" x 24 cuts in all about 4700 feet The Great [?] np & Quatsino BC"
Written on back:
"This is one of Early Bird Cove on the neck between the sawmill side and Mrs Agora[?] where one [?] is.
Curtis, a negro[sic] at the end of the log is the boon[?] all the boys like him.
8 hours none of them less than 5 cents a day board 1.00 meal three times as usual just started sugar ration.
4 there that you know one was only a boy when yo left pick him out.
As the present prices of spruce logs the tree is worth $1900 as soon as it hits the water. The Donkey pulls it in about 4 hours. The log the boys are standing again[sic] just sailed through the woods a few minutes before we took the picture."

Salmon in trap

Written on back: "July 1928 Taking salmon out of a trap[?]. During our trip to Port Renfrew. We had a huge one thrown over on to our boat."

Townsite at Port Alice

Written on front: " townsite at Port Alice" Written on back: "This is another view taken on the first[?]. That's the Kynse river coming down over the other side up to right to Quatsino."

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