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Norman Tait
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Raising the pole

Raising of the pole during a ceremony given by the Native Education Centre. The textual info is in WHERE THE PEOPLE GATHER or paperback TOTEM POLE CARVING.

Geographic Location: Native Education Centre


Image is of welcome ceremony crowd including children and spectators holding umbrellas. Norman and Sadie Tait stand at right side of image while part of museum exterior can be seen in the background on the left side of image.

Norman and Mercy

Image features Norman and Mercy speaking to one another in front of the canoe log.

Squirrel dance and drums

Image is of two Tait family members holding drums as they chant with their backs to the camera. Further away Norman appears blurred as he performs his squirrel dance on top of the canoe log.

Squirrel Dance

Image is of Norman performing his squirrel dance on top of the canoe log while two family members hold and beat skin drums. All three have their back to the camera.

Squirrel Dance

Image is of Norman performing his squirrel dance on top of the canoe log while Mercy stands watching him with her back to the camera on the left side of image. Another Tait member appears on the right side of image holding a drum.

Bill Reid at the welcome ceremony

Image is of Rob't, Mercy, Norman, and Bill Reid during welcome ceremony. Bill Reid is speaking with folded notes in his hands. Mercy holds an umbrella while Norman holds a paddle.

Joy Carlin fonds

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  • Fonds
  • February 1987

The fonds consists of photographs documenting the welcome ceremony that occurred in February 1987 for the canoe project by Nisga’a carver Norman Tait. The Museum of Anthropology appears in the background of multiple pictures in which spectators can be seen gathered for the 1st cut ceremony of the canoe log. Norman The event included speeches as well as ceremonies and performances by Norman Tait and his close relatives. Joe David, Reva Robinson, and Bill Reid are among the other notable individuals that appear in these images.

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