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Bill Reid
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Model, B. Reid, Raven and Clam myth

Image of Bill Reid's small boxwood sculpture "The Raven Discovering Mankind in a Clam Shell," which he completed in 1970. He was later commissioned to make a much larger version of this sculpture for the Museum of Anthropology, which he titled "The Raven and the First Men."

Lecture by Haida artist Bill Reid

Item is an audio recording of a lecture by Haida artist Bill Reid, who discusses the transition in Northwest West Coast art from its primarily ceremonial function within First Nations society to the present day when, in his words, art is made almost exclusively for sale to the non-Indian community. The recording is Lecture #8 in the University of British Columbia's Center for Continuing Education Lecture Series on Traditions of North West Coast Indian Culture.

[Bill Reid makes his cut]

Image is of Bill Reid using adze to make his first cut. Unidentified persons stand behind him, watching the process.

[Guests post ceremony]

Image is of Moya Waters, Bill Reid and Bill McLennan and unidentified persons consuming refreshments and conversing. Ron holds box of oranges in background.

Taped interviews

Interviewees include:
Jim Hart (2 tapes)
Dorothy Grant
Terry Starr
Susan Point (re: [Time])
Norman Tait
Alexander Peters
Rita Barnes (re: feast dishes MOA's Great Hall, 2 Dec. 2002)
Glen Tallio
Robert Davidson
Dempsey Bob (2 tapes)
William White (2 tapes)
Doreen Jensen
Richard Sumner (28 January 1997)
David Gladstone
Tim Paul
Richard Hunt (re: Shark mask)
Cryl Carpenter
Russell Smith
Bill Reid
Leona Sparrow
Alfred Scow

Bill Reid symposium

Subseries contains three files consisting of records related to the Bill Reid symposium which was titled “The Legacy of Bill Reid: A Critical Enquiry”. The records comprise planning of the symposium, research done after the symposium on related topics, and McLennan’s presentation.

House Frontal Totem Pole, UBC Totem Park

Image of a house frontal pole. The pole was carved at the University of British Columbia for display in Totem Park, where it is located in this image. It was moved to the new Museum of Anthropology grounds in 1978. Bill Reid based the design of the pole on older poles from Ninstints.

Anthony Carter

House Frontal Totem Pole, UBC Totem Park

Image of a pole carved as the frontal pole for the front of the Haida house, at UBC, for display in Totem Park. Moved to the new Museum of Anthropology grounds in 1978. Pole was removed from the Haida House in 2000-09 and placed in a greenhouse tent for conservation treatment and drying. A new pole was raised outside to replace it (see MOA object Nb1.752). Jim Hart, with Reg Davidson, Michael Nicoll and Tyler Crosby, performed a small informal ceremony for the re-raising of the pole on Oct. 30, 2002 (with Martine Reid in attendance). Pole was then re-raised in the Great Hall of the Museum on Oct. 31, 2002.

Anthony Carter

Memorial pole, Totem Park

Image of memorial pole when it stood at UBC's Totem Park. The pole is now part of MOA's collection.

The pole was carved at UBC for display in Totem Park. Moved to the new Museum of Anthropology grounds in 1978. This pole is based on the beaver pole standing at the north end of Skidegate. The raven figure was removed from the top of the pole in Sept. 2005 due to its poor condition and safety concerns .

Anthony Carter

Bill Reid in house

Image of artists Bill Reid standing in the remains of a house on Anthony Island. Reid is at a slight distance from the camera, seen in silhouette standing at either the front or rear of the structure. A note, possibly written by Audrey Hawthorn, accompanies this slide. See item a039485 in this file for this note.

Celebration of the Raven film soundtrack, ambient noise

Item is an audio recording of ambient noise which was recorded for the soundtrack for the film Celebration of the Raven, directed by Ken Kuramoto, which documented the work process and installation of Bill Reid’s carving titled The Raven and the First Men and its unveiling by the Prince of Wales in 1980. This is Reel #4 of the soundtrack.

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