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Japan Building Structures Anglais
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Funeral procession

Item is a photograph of a funeral procession. People wearing traditional clothing, funeral bier, and buildings appear. Reads, "Funeral."

Houses ruined by earthquake

Item is a photograph showing earthquake destruction. One house on the right hand side of the photograph has a thatched roof with collapsed walls.

Large bell

Item is a photograph of a large bell used for religious purposes. A ringer appears

Large bell

Item is a photograph of a large bell. A figure wearing traditional clothing appears

Mountain stairway with arch

Item is a photograph of a mountain stairway. An arch appears in the background Some people are sitting next to the stairway. Similar image as a033363


Item is a photograph of a pagoda. Notes read, "Tokyo," but not indicated on slide. Possibly Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto People standing in foreground

Rooftop view of city

View of Ginza Main Street in Tokyo, looking north towards 3-chōme and 4-chōme, circa 1895, from atop the Hattori Clock Tower. Note the Kyōya Clock Co. Ginza clock tower and the Iwaya Shōkai tobacco store on the right.

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