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Miscellaneous images

File consists of images of scenery and people from around British Columbia. Some are identified. Subjects include totem poles, mountains and other scenery, carvings, and basket weaving.


File contains images from Robert Reford's Arctic album. Some of the photographs include a date as it appeared in the original description. The rest do not include a date and were thought to had been taken during the same time period. The photographs seem to have been taken after Reford became president of his father's company in 1906.

Robert Reford

Correspondences 1979 - 1992 - 2002

File includes correspondence between Martine J. Reid and several people and institutions:

  • Crestview Foundation in regards to the grant to document Agnes Alfred's memoirs, August 9 and 19, 1979
  • Crestview Foundation and Dr. Michael Ames (Director of the Museum of Anthopology) in regards to the project by Martine Reid, October 22, 1979
  • Douglas and McIntyre in regards to the seeking for grants for the book project, October 19, 1987
  • UBC in regards to the publication of the book, April 21, 1988
  • A letter from Deisy Sewid-Smith grantin permission for the publication of her grandmother's memoirs, April 22, 1988
  • A letter from J. E. M. Kew (Associate Professor of Anthropology at UBC) recommending support for the publication of the book, April 26, 1988
  • A letter from UBC Press informing Martine Reid of the decision to publish the book, October 5, 1992
  • A UBC Press Reader's Report (Reader A)
  • A UBC Press Reader's Report (Reader B)
  • Comments of Reader's Reports by Martine Reid, 1992
  • A copy of recommendation letters by J. E. M. Kew, Douglas and McIntyre, and Daisy Sewid-Smith, and a copy of the letter from UBC Press received in 1988. All of them grouped together by the donor
  • A letter from Martine Reid to George F. MacDonald (Director of the National Museum of Canadian Civilization)
  • A letter of recommendation by George F. MacDonald (Director of the National Museum of Canadian Civilization), May 2, 1988
  • Email correspondence between Martine Reid and Judith Berman on Kwak'wala orthography, April 11, 2002
  • Fax correspondence between Martine Reid and Randy Bouchard and Dorothy Kennedy (from Bouchard and Kennedy Research Consultants), April 10 and 11, 2002
  • A letter from Susan Hoeltken (Programme and Liaison Officer at the Association for Canadian Studies) about the request of funds for the publication of the book, March 5, 1992

File also includes A post-doctoral project of research, "Kwakiutl Vision of the World", by Martine de Widerspach-Thor

Burial boxes

File consists of images of burial boxes and sites.

Anthony Carter


File contains a biographical sketch of Karen J. Clark, a paper printed photograph of the sewed badge of the Indian Residential School of Lower Post; photocopies of four letters addressed to Mrs. Clark in 1967, 1968, 1972, and 1973, 1981; photocopies of two newspaper clips about Mrs. Clark and/or her classes; two photocopies of the cover of “Sun, Moon and Owl”; a photocopy of the cover of “Tahltan Native Studies”, a photocopy of an advertisement to buy her last books “Language Experiences with Children Stories” and “Once Upon a Time”.

Visible Storage

File contains records related to the renovation of visible storage. File contains meeting minutes, questionnaires, and an evaluation report on a tour given by MOA’s staff on June 22, 1992

Allison Cronin

Military Period

This file contains correspondence between Eric Parker and Charles Bell, the 13th Dalai Lama, and his wife Minnie Parker.

ref # 4-1-1

Chief Dan George & band

File consists of images of Chief Dan George with a band, as well as an image of him by himself with a drum and a few images of the North Vancouver area.

Anthony Carter

Repatriation Files

File contains records related to a repatriation of one object back to the originating community in the United States. File contains correspondence, MOA’s internal records on the object, agreements, receipts, export declarations, records on the visit of the community to the Museum, and certificates of appreciation from the community.

Allison Cronin

Staff Manual - Collections

File contains the three records. Firstly, a manual to the collections for MOA staff. The manual includes information on general guidelines (temperature, light, etc.). Secondly, two versions of the “Borrowing Conditions for Loans to Originating Communities: A Guide” from 2000, one of them labeled as “old version” from 2000

Allison Cronin

Miscellaneous publications

The ‘Publications’ file consists of one bound, 59-page Almanac with pages wood block-printed with Tibetan text. A folded rice paper envelope accompanies the Almanac and has a handwritten annotation that reads, “Almanac of Iron Bird Year from Feb 28, ’21 to Mar 2, ’22.” Supplementary information provided by Father Donald indicates that this Almanac was printed specifically for British/Indian government use, although its contents is unknown. Also included in this file is a published map of Tibet titled, “North-Eastern Frontier,” and dated July 1905. Of significance is the map’s close temporal association with the (Francis) Younghusband Expedition of 1904, a famous military mission to Tibet. The file also includes more recent materials such as two newspaper clippings (1974; n.d.), a program guide to a service held for the Dalai’s visit to Vancouver (1980), a newspaper (“News Tibet,” 1988), and two newsletters (1988, 1989).

ref # 4-3-1

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