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Wood relief carving, close up

Image depicts a portion of a wood relief carving that may represent a wing. An extension cord hangs in the photo and a woodworking tool is visible in the top left portion of the print.

Wood relief carving, close up of eye

Image depicts a portion of a wood relief carving, focusing on what may be an eye. The carving appears to be unfinished as rough edges and some markings can be seen.

Wood relief carving

Image depicts a wood relief carving that depicts several figures and crests. The central figure is a seated human. Notes indicate this carving may be from Bella Bella. Additional notes say, "shutter 15 aperature 2.8"

Eagle carving held aloft

Image depicts a small carving that may represent an eagle. The carving is held up by hand and posed against a red building in the background.

Halibut carving

Image depicts a small carving of a halibut that rests on a ledge. Additional information indicates that this photo was taken at a shutter speed of 50 with an aperture of 2.8 - 4.

Old whale mask

Image depicts a whale mask, painted in black, white and red. Photograph has been taken inside next to a door or window. Mask may have been found in Quatsino, on the northern portion of Vancouver Island.

Sea gull mask

Image depicts a sea gull mask, painted in brown, tan, white and gray. The mask is photographed outdoors on top of a mat.

Sleeping face

Image depicts a carved head. The eyes on the face are shut; the mouth is open in an o-shape.

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