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Research Slides

Sub-series consists of slides which were used for research and possibly teaching purposes. Among them are slides relating to artists such as Robert Davidson, Bill Reid, Jack Shadbolt, Ron Hamilton, and Dorothy Grant. Also included are slides of objects from MOA, the British Columbia Provincial Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, and the Glenbow Museum. Art objects featured in the slides include masks, totem poles, rattles and pipes from the K’san, Tsimshian and Tlingit.

Research Posters and Maps

Sub-series consists of maps and posters acquired by Halpin during her career. The maps depict Nishga land and the native languages of the North Pacific Coast. There are two maps of the native languages of the North Pacific Coast, one of which was done by Wayne Suttles and the other by his son, Cameron Suttles. Additionally, there are posters collected by Halpin at various exhibits, as well as one from the Shadbolt exhibit which she curated in 1986. There is also a drawing of a canoe design; however the person responsible for this drawing is not identified.

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