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British Columbia Totem poles Con objetos digitales
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Totem pole

A man and a woman are posed with a totem pole inside a tent. They are perhaps painting or restoring the pole. A man at the far right of copy print appears to look at their work. Paint cans are visible on the floor. This photo appears to have been taken at the same time as item a033231.

Totem pole construction

Several individuals, men and women, work on a totem pole located inside a tent. One wall of the tent has been pushed aside to reveal trees and sky in the distance. This appears to have been taken at the same time as item a033228.

Island Moments

Image depicts four totem poles standing in a cleared area. A structure is visible in the lower left corner of the image. The totem on the image's far left appears to be a pole carved by Tony Hunt (with Calvin Hunt, John Livingston, and Peter Knox), located in the Nimpkish Band Cemetery at Alert Bay.

View of very tall totem pole

Image shows an extremely tall totem pole. It resembles a pole, attributed to carver Jimmy Dick, which stands 173 feet (56.4 meters) tall and is reputed to be the world's tallest totem pole. It was raised in 1973 and was constructed from two poles. The top figure, representing Sun-Man, fell to the ground in 2007. See also item a033274.

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