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Wisteria vine at Kameido Tenjin shrine, Tokyo

Item is a photograph showing people on the taiko-bashi (drum bridge) over the Shinji-ike pond and wisteria in full bloom at Kameido Tenjin shrine in Tokyo. This is one of the many photographs from this period, which were patterned after ukiyo-e woodblock prints. This photograph follows a 1865 print, Inside Kameido Tenshin Shrine by Hiroshige Ando and others.

Tamamura Kōzaburō (玉村 康三郎)

Two women with tea ceremony objects

Item is a photograph showing two women dressed in traditional dress against a white background with tea ceremony objects. Reads, "Ladies saluting. One calling upon the other."

Figural statues

Item is a photograph of figural statues along hill facing river. Lettering on tape reads, "NIKKO."

Mount Fujiyama

Item is a photograph of Mount Fujiyama in the distance with river in the foreground. Reads, "Fujiyama."

People standing in bamboo grove

Item is a photograph of an elderly couple in the foreground and three people in the background. All are wearing traditional clothing and are standing in a bamboo grove

Building structure on beach

Item is a photograph of a building on a beach. A person, trees and three boats appear Reads, "A (sic) Island opposite to (sic) Maiko near Kobe."

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