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A Fire

  • 30-30-01-30-01-04-a039074
  • Item
  • [1862-1937, predominant 1930-1937]
  • Parte deJohn Mennie fonds

Building is ablaze.

A Fire

  • 30-30-01-30-01-04-a039078
  • Item
  • [1862-1937, predominant 1930-1937]
  • Parte deJohn Mennie fonds

Buildings are ablaze

A View Near Max?axaa?a

Item is an image of a landscape. According to annotations, photograph was taken near Max?axaa?a (also known as Metlakatla)

A Zuni Man, N.M.

Photograph of a Zuni (A:shiwi) man wearing a blanket in front of a wall, likely taken in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

A Zunian Returning from the Chase

Photograph of a Zuni (A:shiwi) man on what apperas to be a donkey that Maude has identified as returning from a hunging trip. The photograph was likely taken in Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico.

A bedouin lady

Photograph a a bedouin woman in the desert in Algeria taken by Nadia Abu-Zahra.

A bit of Old Québec

Item is an image of a town taken from the water. According to annotations, the photograph is of old Québec

A break from carving

Image depicts Doug Cranmer taking a break from carving. He sits on a wooden stool with his chain saw at his feet.

A costumed crowd and motorcars preparing for a parade

Image of cars and individuals that appear to be part of a parade. The image may have been taken during the same parade in which a photograph of Chief Dan Watts holding a placard saying “we are the real native sons of Canada” was taken. This image can be found at the Alberni Valley Museum, PN01873.

A country house

Item is a photograph of a country house on a body of water. A tree and horse also appear. Reads, "A country home."

A gramophone[?] entertainment

Image shows a group of Bakonjo men in Uganada, seated on ground. They appear to be looking in the direction of some source of entertainment, possibly a gramophone. An annotation of verso of photograph may indicate that it is a gramophone (handwriting is difficult to read).

A.F.R. Wollaston

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