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Alert Bay
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Man, girl, and bicycle

A man and female child pose with a patriotically decorated bicycle that includes a de jure flag. The child wears a headband and some native clothing. Other people, a pickup truck, and a building are visible in the background.

Alert Bay, B. C.

View of Alert Bay, B. C. taken September 1954. Initials R S appear in lower right of card. Photo is an aerial view, so structures are difficult to distinguish.

Kwakiutl Totem Poles

View of the Kwakiutl totem poles standing in a cemetery. The two poles stand adjacent to graves marked with crosses, which are identified Chief J .Aul Sewid and Mrs. Lucy Sewid. The presence of flowers at this gravesite suggest that this photo may have been taken in 1988 when Chief Sewid died. Photo is attributed to Eric J. Cooke, Photo Productions, Sidney, B. C.

Kwakiutl Totem Pole

View of a Kwakiutl totem pole on Alert Bay, Cormorant Island, British Columbia. Pole appears to be standing in a cemetery. A cross marked Charles Smith is visible. This pole features a bird (possibly a raven) atop several other animals.

Traditional B. C. Coast Architecture

The Alert Bay Community House, completed in 1963. The two post arches are 17 feet high, supporting two 70 foot logs, each measuring 3 feet in diameter and weighing 5 tons. The roof has a large opening at the center to allow smoke to escape from the open pit fire. Photo by Eric J. Cooke; published by J. Barnard Photographer LTD, Victoria B. C.

Totem Poles, Alert Bay, B. C.

Image depicts two totem poles on the grounds of St. Michael's Indian Residential School in Alert Bay, B. C. The poles include Thunderbirds, Grizzly Bears, and Coopers at the base of each pole. Photo attributed to E. J. Cooke.

Totem pole in field

Image depicts a large totem pole standing in a field and surrounded by some brush. This pole resembles one carved by Arthur Shaughnessy, raised in 1924 as a memorial for Chief Wakas . It depicts a Thunderbird with no wings, Dzunuk'wa, Grizzly Bear, Raven, and Sisiyutl.

Two totem poles in a field

Image depicts two totem poles in an open area. Pole on image left resembles a pole carved by Tony Hunt, Calvin Hunt, Peter Knox, and John Livingston in 1976 as a memorial for Johnathan Hunt. It features Raven, Man Holding a Copper, Sun Holding a Copper, and Killer Whale.

Ministers on podium

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  • [1862-1937, predominant 1930-1937]
  • Parte deJohn Mennie fonds

Three ministers, mid-ground on podium, facing proper right. Band in background, facing camera.

Longjump pit

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  • [1862-1937, predominant 1930-1937]
  • Parte deJohn Mennie fonds

Longjump pit. Mountie in dress serge, bent over, watching take-off board

Race finish line

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  • [1862-1937, predominant 1930-1937]
  • Parte deJohn Mennie fonds

Race finish line. Shot taken from behind winner as he moves into tape. Mountie seen among spectators

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