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Virginia Kehoe fonds Stuk
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Small scale totem, side and front view

Image depicts a side/front view of a small-scale totem pole in front of a door. The top two figures have long beaks, a third figure has a beak that is bent downward, and a human figure is seated at the bottom. Each winged figure is protecting a smaller figure. Two are possibly human and the third appears to be a frog. See items a034476 - a034482 for other views of this pole.

Carving before painting

Image depicts a side view of the top of an unpainted carving featuring what may be a Thunderbird. Views of this carving can be seen in items a034483 - a034486.

Thunderbird totem pole, view of base

Image depicts a side view of the base of a totem pole. From this perspective one possibly human figure can be seen. The figure at the base of the pole appears to have only a head and be wearing a mask.. Views of this pole can be seen in items a034487 - a034492.

Carving a pole

Image depicts a pole that has been partially carved. A carver, probably Doug Cranmer, uses an adze.

Painting a pole

Image depicts painting a totem pole. A woman paints in the foreground; Doug Cranmer stands at the other end of the pole.

A break from carving

Image depicts Doug Cranmer taking a break from carving. He sits on a wooden stool with his chain saw at his feet.

Pole and carver

Image depicts a carver, possibly Godfrey Hunt, working on a partially carved totem pole. Depicted images include a Thunderbird and a figure holding a copper. This may be the St. Catherines. Ontario Centennial Confederation pole, carved in 1967.

Partially carved totem pole

Image depicts Doug Cranmer in the early stages of carving a totem pole. Cranmer squats on one side of the pole while another man stands on the opposite side.

Thunderbird carving, close up

Image depicts the top portion of what may be a small scale totem pole. The image depicted seems to be a Thunderbird, painted in black, white, red, green, and gold. There is another figure below this, but it is not discernible in this photo.

Carving the Nootka canoe

Image depicts carving a canoe outdoors. The carver depicted may be Godfrey Hunt, who assisted Douglas Cranmer with the Nootka canoe.

Wood carving and tools

Image depicts a partially completed wood carving, possibly a canoe. Photo has been taken inside and shows woodworking tools. It is hard to distinguish what the carving is.

Constructing a canoe

Image depicts a carver, possibly Douglas Cranmer, working inside on what may be a canoe. Image is dark and it is difficult to see what he is doing.

Carving a totem pole

Image depicts a carver, possibly Douglas Cranmer, working inside on what may be a totem pole. The carving is still in the early stages and it is difficult to tell what will be depicted.

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