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[Pole raising]

Image is of a group of people standing underneath a totem pole as it raises into the air. Multiple ropes extending from either side of the pole are prominent. Norman holding a skin drum and Josiah holding a staff stand on the right side of the image. Balloons decorate the mall pillars.

[Pole nearing upright position]

Image is of a totem pole nearing its upright position. Multiple ropes extend from all sides of the pole. Tait family members and unidentified persons stand in various positions, watching the process. Balloons decorate the mall pillars. Another totem pole stands upright in image background. Isaac stands looking up at the center of the image foreground.

[Ceremony preparations]

Image is of Norman, Reva, and unidentified persons near a small stage at the pole raising location in Capilano Mall.

[Reva assists unidentified person with face paint]

Image is of Reva applying paint to an unidentified person's face. Unidentified persons stand on either side and in image background, waiting for the pole raising ceremony to begin. A totem pole is partially visible on the right side of the image. Two escalators are visible in image background.

[Ceremony final remarks]

Image is of Tait family members gathered in front of of a small stage where an unidentified exchange is taking place. Unidentified onlookers are gathered on the left side of the image, watching the ceremony. The left side of an unidentified object (painted cloth banner) is visible on the image's right side.

[Josiah Tait and unidentified persons in traditional dress]

Image is of Josiah Tait sitting on a short platform that holds two totem poles. Two unidentified persons stand to his right, in front of an unidentified object (painted cloth banner?) that is partially visible. An unidentified person stands to the left of Josiah.

[Post-ceremony socializing]

Image is of ceremony guests conversing in front of mall platform that holds two totem poles. An unidentified object (painted cloth banner?) is visible in background on right side of image.

[Guests and family members regard Norman's announcement]

Image is of pole raising guests looking towards the right side of the image. Reva stands near a mall pillar that is decorated with balloons. Isaac and his partner (?) stand at a slight angle behind Reva, near a group of unidentified persons. Unidentified guests stand near a mall pillar in image background.

[Norman makes an announcement]

Image is of Norman standing atop a totem pole as he uses a microphone to deliver a message to guests who are gathered on the ground. Individuals gathered on an escalator are visible in image background.

[Preparing to raise pole]

Image shows the pole with pulley ropes set up to raise it. A number of men are holding on to the ends of the rope. Spectators are beginning to gather.

A gramophone[?] entertainment

Image shows a group of Bakonjo men in Uganada, seated on ground. They appear to be looking in the direction of some source of entertainment, possibly a gramophone. An annotation of verso of photograph may indicate that it is a gramophone (handwriting is difficult to read).

A.F.R. Wollaston

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