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Felled tree

Image depicts a tree with bark intact. The tree sits on some sort of support.

Hosing down a pole, view three

Image depicts a partially carved pole being hosed down by carver Doug Cranmer. A building housing other carvings is visible behind the pole.

Carving a pole

Image depicts Doug Cranmer carving a nearly completed pole. Visible figures include Thunderbird and Bear; this may be the St. Catherines, Ontario Centennial Confederation pole, carved in 1967.

Taping paper to a totem pole

Image depicts Doug Cranmer preparing to make a rubbing image (using kraft paper and crayon) of the carving on a totem pole. Another person, possibly Godfrey Hunt, assists by holding the paper.

Partially carved totem pole

Image depicts a partially carved totem pole resting on the ground. Doug Cranmer is visible in the lower left corner of the image; another carver works on the pole. A can of paint is visible, but not in use.

Painting a pole

Image depicts painting a totem pole. A woman paints in the foreground; Doug Cranmer stands at the other end of the pole.

A break from carving

Image depicts Doug Cranmer taking a break from carving. He sits on a wooden stool with his chain saw at his feet.

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