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Fred Ryckman
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View of tipis

View of several tipis, including some without covers. At least one structure appears on the left side of the image. Brush and hills are visible in the distance.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a man and wagon

A man stands in front of a wagon or cart housed in an open-air shed. Trees appear in the distance.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a man in native dress

An older man wearing native dress stands in a grove of trees. On the bottom right corner of photograph is imprinted "Montgomery," perhaps the name of the photography studio.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait of men in native dress

Thirteen men in native dress, including headdresses, pose in front of structure covered in brush. A child peeks out from behind and a dog rests in the foreground. Mountains visible in the distance.

Fred Ryckman

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