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Wooden arch over road

Item is a photograph of a wooden arch over a road. Two people wearing traditional clothing and a lake appear. Reads, "Hakone Lake."

Two women in an entranceway

Item is a photograph of two women wearing traditional clothing looking down in an entranceway. Possibly by photographer Kozaburo Tamamura

Funeral procession

Item is a photograph of a funeral procession. People wearing traditional clothing, funeral bier, and buildings appear. Reads, "Funeral."

Large bell

Item is a photograph of a large bell used for religious purposes. A ringer appears

Mountain stairway with arch

Item is a photograph of a mountain stairway. An arch appears in the background Some people are sitting next to the stairway. Similar image as a033363

The Kimbei studio on Honchō-dōri, Yokohama

Item is a photograph of a street scene with Kusakabe Kimbei’s studio on No. 7 Honchō-dōri in Yohohama, Japan, which he opened in 1880. The original title provided by Davidson was “Street scene with photo studio sign”.

Kusakabe Kimbei (日下部金兵衛)

Large bell

Item is a photograph of a large bell. A figure wearing traditional clothing appears

Temple entrance

Item is a photograph of a temple entrance. Two figures appear wearing ceremonial dress. Tape reads, "NIKKO."

The thousand armed Kannon, Sanjūsangen-dō, Kyoto

: Item is a photograph of rows of the thousand armed Kannon or Bodhisattva figures at the Sanjūsangen-dō, a Buddhist temple officially known as Rengeō-in (Hall of the Lotus King) in Kyoto, Japan. This temple was a popular subject, and several photographers of the time took similar photos.

Kusakabe Kimbei (日下部金兵衛)

Street scene

Item is a photograph of a street scene. several figures appear, wearing traditional clothing and holding umbrellas. Reads, "A RAINY DAY OF KOBE."

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