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Totem poles

Image of two totem poles and a wooden structure located at the foot of a hillside. These are possibly located at the Ehahsitaht Village site.

Anthony Carter

House post, Sgang Gwaay, Haida Gwaii

Image of a pole from House 17 at Sgang Gwaay (Skunggwai). This is an interior pole from the Raven House. It was removed on a BC Totem Pole Preservation Committee trip in 1957. The pole is now part of the Museum of Anthropology's object collection (A50016).

[Bear pole, Kitwancool]

Image of a bear pole in Kitwancool, BC. This pole is pictured on page 119 of Carter's book Abundant Rivers.

Anthony Carter

"Nass River"

Image of totem poles, canoes, and longhouses(?) in the Nass River valley of BC.

Anthony Carter

Old totem pole on ground

Image shows the remains of totem pole in an unidentified location. The pole is lying on the ground.

Anthony Carter

Alert Bay [memorial pole?]

Image of an unidentified totem pole featuring two creatures - a winged animal on top and what appears to be a human figure with raised arms on the bottom. Gravestones are visible in the foreground.

Anthony Carter

R. Davidson [Jr.] pole raising, Masset Q.C.I.

Image taken at a pole raising ceremony in Masset. The pole was carved by Robert Davidson, Jr. This image shows Davidson speaking into a microphone, wearing what appears to be ceremonial clothing and a headdress. A crowd is gathered around him.

Anthony Carter

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