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Crane drags dunnage to top of hill

Image is of Chip, Ron, and Norman trailing dunnage that is attached to crane. Crane is making its way towards carving position.

[Loader drags dunnage up hill]

Image is of UBC machine dragging dunnage to where truck with canoe log is parked. Ron and Isaac walk alongside and watch the process.

Chip, Norman and Ron

Image is of Chip, Ron, and Norman standing near base of canoe log, dunnage, and part of crane. Totem pole can be seen in the background.

[Post-lowering of canoe log]

Image is of crane operator and Reva speaking following log removal. Isaac stands near base of canoe log.

[Post-lowering of canoe log]

Image is of photographer, Norman, unidentified person, Reva, and Isaac standing near side of longhouse following log removal.

[Inside carving hut]

Image is of Norman Tait preparing refreshments inside carving hut. Shelves holding canoe carving, traditional hat, and various appliances are visible.

[Inside carving hut]

Image is of Hope (Grace), Norman, Reva, and Moya Waters person preparing for welcome ceremony inside carving hut.

[Inside carving hut]

Image is of Joe David's daughter, Ron, and Sadie[?] inside carving hut, preparing for welcome ceremony. Various supplies are situated throughout carving hut.

[Inside carving hut]

Image is of Sadie and Joe David's daughter inside carving hut, prior to welcome ceremony. Various supplies and refreshments are scattered throughout the hut.

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