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William McLennan (MOA Curator) fonds
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Glenbow Archives

File contains correspondence between McLennan and Glenbow Museum regarding photographic requisitions. There are also photocopies of some of images that McLennan wished to receive from Glenbow.

Mary Anne Barkhouse

File contains a photocopy of a newspaper clipping titled "Tall whale tale and other stories recounted in Barkhouse's works" from the Vancouver Sun.

Makah Indians

File contains a photocopy of an article titled "The hull of the canoe: Features of the hull by other writers." The article is found in the 1967 reprint edition of <i> Whaling Equipment of the Makah Indians</i> manuscript, published by the University of Washington Press.

The Field Museum

File contains images of Northwest Coast boxes and other artifacts such as dishes and shaman drum sets housed at the Field Museum. The textual records include an invoice for the photographs from the Field Museum, as well as a catalogue record for a war rattle.

Vickie Jensen

File contains images of Northwest Coast artifacts including bowls, baskets and nets, weavings, ropes, embroderies, hats, clothing, masks, and weapons housed in an unspecified museum(s). The textual records include a catalogue list of "materials sent to: the National Museum of Denmark, April 1928".


File contains catalogue records, both printed and handwritten, of Northwest Coast items housed at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian. Other textual records contains correspondence between MOA and the Smithsonian. There are images of some of the artifacts in the Smithsonian, such as totem poles and clothing displays.

Private house NWC - Kerfoot

File contains images of a building being built. The building is adorned with NWC artwork. The textual records consist of correspondence, photocopies of newspaper clippings, and budget reports.

Stan Bevan and Ken McNeil

File contains images of newly carved totem poles by Stan Bevan along with accompanying correspondence regarding the poles and biography for both Stan Bevan and Ken McNeil.

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