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Doug Cranmer First Nations With digital objects
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Red Border Eye Design

Image depicts a painting with five crests--four resemble bird heads and surround a centre figure that resembles some kind of mammal. The black on white painting is matted with a red border. Slide notes say, "Sh 60 Ap 5-6"

Sea creature painting

Image depicts a painting of a sea creature, possibly a whale. The painting is done in black, red and blue on white paper.

Sea eagle in ovoid form

Image depicts a painting of a sea eagle inside an ovoid form. Additional notes indicate this painting was made by Douglas Cranmer in 1964 or 1965.

Sea gull mask

Image depicts a sea gull mask, painted in brown, tan, white and gray. The mask is photographed outdoors on top of a mat.

Sea gull mask, side view

Image depicts a side view of a sea gull mask. The bottom section of a totem pole is visible on the right side of the photo.

Sisiul print

Image depicts the mythical serpent Sisiul, painted in black on white paper. Additional notes say, "Shutter 50 Ap. 2.8__4"

Slave killers

Image depicts two carvings entitled Slave Killers. The photograph was taken outside and the two figures appear to be getting ready to throw a black object.

Sleeping face

Image depicts a carved head. The eyes on the face are shut; the mouth is open in an o-shape.

Sleeping face, front view

Image depicts a carved head. The eyes on the face are shut; the mouth is open in an o-shape. This view depicts the entire face.

Smaller scale totem

Image depicts a small scale totem pole which seems to be situated in a cemetery. The bottom figure seems to be human and the top an eagle.

Taping paper to a totem pole

Image depicts Doug Cranmer preparing to make a rubbing image (using kraft paper and crayon) of the carving on a totem pole. Another person, possibly Godfrey Hunt, assists by holding the paper.

Thunderbird carving

Image depicts a large carving, possibly of a Thunderbird. Painted in black, white, green, and tan, the wings are spread out wide.

Thunderbird carving, close up

Image depicts the top portion of what may be a small scale totem pole. The image depicted seems to be a Thunderbird, painted in black, white, red, green, and gold. There is another figure below this, but it is not discernible in this photo.

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