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Thomas and Mildred Laurie collection British Columbia Con objetos digitales
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Salmon barbecue, Alert Bay (?)

Photograph of an outdoor salmon barbecue. A number of people are gathered around, some in ceremonial dress. The photograph was likely taken in or near Alert Bay, BC. A body of water and snow-capped mountains are visible in the background.

Group in ceremonial dress, Alert Bay

Portrait of a group wearing ceremonial dress. They are standing outside, likely at a gathering of some kind in Alert Bay, BC. A crowd is visible behind them. The group includes a man and two women, and two children. The man is wearing a mask.

Performers, Alert Bay

Photograph of performers behind a tall wooden board/wall. One is dressed like an animal, possibly a wolf, with a mask and furry costume. Two other performers stand nearby. Based on the content of this and related images in this file, this photograph was likely taken at an outdoor event in Alert Bay, BC.

Wally & Florentina Jolliffe(?)

Photograph of a bride and groom, standing outside in front of a line of cars. Handwritten annotations in the album in which this print was originally housed identify the couple as Wally and Florentina Jolliffe(?). A stamp on the verso of the print indicates that it was printed in 1959.

Mildred Laurie

Men on dock

Photograph of men working on a dock next to fishing boats, possibly in Alert Bay, BC. A stamp on the verso of the print indicates that it was printed in 1957.

Mildred Laurie

Govenor [sic]and Mrs. Michner [sic], Alert Bay

Governor General Roland Michener and his wife Norah pose with a short totem pole. Trees and buildings are visible in the distance. Totem pole appears similar to a pole attributed to Arthur Shuaghnessy that was raised for Kamdatsa (Mrs. Tom Patch) of Village Island or New Vancouver, a woman who lived to be over 100 years old. That pole was eventually raised on her grave.

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