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Anthony Carter fonds British Columbia Carving
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From all over the place [raising totem, Alert Bay]

Image of a totem pole in Alert Bay, BC, at the grave of the Kwakiutl Chief Mungo Martin. The pole was carved to honor the Chief. This image shows the pole right after it has been raised, with the ropes used to raise it still attached. Additional information and images of this pole are featured on pages 28-33 of Carter's book "From History's Locker."

Anthony Carter

From all over the place [Chiklesaht totem pole]

Image of the lower/middle portion of a totem pole at the village of Chiklesaht, on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. This pole is featured on pages 126-127 of Carter's book "From History's Locker," with the caption: "The only standing totem left at the village of Chiklesaht. The carvings are Sea Otter, Seal and Bear... Bottom section of the same pole shows clearly the bear mother motif with her paws covering the eyes of a human face."

Anthony Carter

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