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Discussion on bringing up the crane

Image is of Norman, Isaac, Ron, Chip, and unidentified persons discussing log removal logistics. Driver is beginning to exit the truck.

Discussing driving the log into place

Image is of truck driver, Ron, Chip, Isaac, Norman, and Reva discussing driving the log into place. Truck with canoe log is in the background.

Crane drags dunnage to top of hill

Image is of Chip, Ron, and Norman trailing dunnage that is attached to crane. Crane is making its way towards carving position.

Chip, Norman and Ron

Image is of Chip, Ron, and Norman standing near base of canoe log, dunnage, and part of crane. Totem pole can be seen in the background.

Chip examines the log

Image is of Isaac and Chip near truck with canoe log. Chip is leaning on truck bed, examining part of the log.

Chip and Norman evening thickness [of model]

Image is of Norman using tool to even thickness of one end of model canoe. Chip holds model steady with one hand as he speaks to Norman. Diagram depicting model canoe and measurements visible in image background. Door open to the outside is also visible.

Before bark stripping

Image is of (north) side of canoe log that had been cut during welcome ceremony. Bark scraps visible on ground. Image taken from slight angle. Front of longhouse and totem pole visible in background.

Backing truck up to raised log

Image is of a flatbed truck backing up to receive raised canoe log. North Vancouver mountains can be seen in the distance.

Arrival of log

Image is of the truck with canoe log entering MOA grounds. Norman Tait is walking alongside the truck.


Image is of crane lifting log from truck bed.

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