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File consists of images taken at or near Slatechuck Mountain on Haida Gwaii (called Kaagan in the Haida language). This mountain, located near Queen Charlotte City, is best known as a source of argillite, a rare form of slate used in Haida art. Images in this file show individuals harvesting argillite, in addition to images of women harvesting and preparing spruce roots to weave baskets, and images of the Golden Spruce tree that formerly stood in the area.

Anthony Carter

Northwest Coast Indian Art

Series consists of binders made up of photographs, quotations, background information and photocopied text from published sources. These binders were created to provide context to Koerner’s collection of Northwest Coast Indian art. These albums were compiled by Madeline Bronsdon Rowan, who was one of the curators at the Museum of Anthropology.

Margaret Alfred Funeral

Image of five women standing with funeral wreaths.
Handwritten annotation on back "Margaret Alfred funeral (Moses Alfred's mother Qacugow). (L) Emma Mrs Ben, Kitty Daisy, Axuw, Beans Alfred (Nuladiy), Beand Roberts."
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 108.

Language Information

Item includes information on the Kwakwala language.
Item includes one page with the Kwakwala and Liqwala keyboard layout and four pages with names of places, people, etc. in Kwakwala and their translations in English (typed and handwritten).

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

Campbell River: Daisy Smith and Agnes Alfred

Item is a recording of Daisy Sewid-Smith and Sgnes Alfred. Item was recorded by Daisy Sewid-Smith at Campbell River, prior to Martine Reid involvement. Item was translated by Daisy Sewid-Smith in 1979.
Item includes four cassette tapes with Agnes Alfred and Dorothy Hawkins talking about love songs; the Hamatsa mask song; permission to use the chant of the Nimpkish, of the Kwakiutl; and their life story.
Item was numbered by creator with roman number II.

Daisy May Sewid-Smith

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