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British Columbia Children
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Group portrait of men, women, and children

Many women and children wearing native clothing stand outside. Men in native clothing sit on horseback, scattered among them. A man in western clothing stands in front of the crowd.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of girl and boy

Image is a posed portrait of a seated older girl and younger boy standing on a footstool holding hands. The girl and boy are dressed formally. It appears to be an albumen print on a carte de visite. Photographer information printed on verso with the inscription "S. A. Spencer, FORT STREET, Victoria, B. C." A handwritten inscription reads "[illegible] Reid + boy"

Portrait of girl

Image is a head and shoulders portrait of a girl. Printed on verso is photographer information which reads "S. A. Spencer, Photographer, FORT STREET, Victoria, B. C." An additional inscription in pencil reads "Martha".

Ravens and Robins With Shields Won in Intramural Competition at St. Michael's Residential School

Item is a hand-tinted glass lantern slide of twenty children and one adult holding house pennants with the names "Robins" and "Ravens" and shields in front of a building. Item is a duplicated of item no. S7-60, fonds 008 Missionary Society of the Church of England in Canada (MSCC) fonds, from the Anglican Church of Canada General Synod Archives. According to description from the Anglican Church of Canada General Synod Archives, Ravens (senior girls) and Robins (junior girls) pose with the shields won in intramural competition. The Anglican Church established a day school at its mission in Alert Bay, British Columbia in 1878. It opened a small boarding school there in 1882 and an industrial school in 1894. In 1929, a new building was constructed. The school was known for the arts and crafts produced by the students and the two large totem poles in front of the school building. In 1947, two-dozen children ran away from the school. The subsequent investigation into conditions at the school led to the resignation of both the principal and the vice-principal. By 1969, when the federal government assumed administration of the school, all residents were attending local schools. The residence closed in 1974. (National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation)

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