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New Mexico

Includes images of petroglyphs in New Mexico as well as images of people relaxing indoors.

Photographic Materials

Series contains graphic materials created by E. F. Meade, L. M. Greene, Dr. Akladakov (?), Arthur Goodland, Louis Poitras, Dick Pattinson, C. Gades, Dr. Foskett, and Morley Raven, and collected by E. F. Meade while documenting and studying petroglyphs and pictographs in the West Coast.
Series also contains some graphic materials documenting petroglyphs outside of Canada, including the United States of America, Russia, Scotland, and Guyana.

Slide group 3

File contains graphic materials depicting petroglyphs and pictographs in the coast of British Columbia, the west coast of the United States of America, Scotland, Russia, and Guyana. According to annotations, some of the photographs were taken by Dr. Akladakov (?) and Arthur Goodland.

Haines Alaska and Caspar (Ketchikan 1966)

File consists of slides depicting one of Minn Sjolseth's paintings ("Village Watch"), Sjolseth working on a painting, a slide bearing the caption "Queen Ch. Island group," and several slides captioned "Caspar at Ketchikan."


File mainly contains historical images of Haida and Tlingit villages and totem poles located on the Northwest Coast of British Columbia and Alaska. There are also images of Haida and Tlingit peoples dressed in regalia. Other photos include images of Haida and Tlingit artifacts, such as bentwood boxes and carvings, housed in various museums around the world. There are also images of a modern day ceremony in front of some totem poles and long houses. The textual records include photocopies of images of totem poles and Haida and Tlingit villages.

Roland Reed collection

  • 121
  • Colección
  • 1907 - 1921

Collection consists of photographic prints by Roland Reed, featuring Native Americans and scenery of the western United States.

Roland Reed

Lilo Berliner fonds

  • 145
  • Fundo
  • Nov. 1968 - 1975

Fonds consists of negative images of petroglyphs largely from the Pacific west coast of North America. Most of the images are from sites located in British Columbia, but there are also images from sites in Washington State, New Mexico, and other areas of the United States and Mexico. There are also images of artifacts, masks, totem poles, wood carvings, and graveyards. Images of family travels, landscapes, wild animals, and house cats are interspersed within the collection.

Lilo Berliner


File mainly contains historical images of the Nisga'a villages, peoples, and of Nisga'a totem poles. Other images are of modern day Nisga'a totem poles housed in museums in Canada and the United States. The textual records contained in this file are catalogue cards which provide some of the photograph's context, providing information such as the location of the photograph, the people in the photographs, which museum and/or archive collection the image belongs to, and/or the image's catalogue number.

Pictographs 1974

Pictographs and images of pinecones and needles. Possibly from a trip to New Mexico.

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