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Research files

Sub subseries consists of research files, including research conducted by McLennan at various museums and cultural heritage institutions regarding artifacts that could benefit from the infrared photography project Transforming Image, photographs of the exhibit at MOA and in Port Alberni and research on infrared photography.

Book related

Materials in this sub subseries relate to the production and publication of the Transforming Image book, written by McLennan and Karen Duffek based on the Transforming Image exhibit at MOA.

Additional Photos Not in the Book

Subseries includes photographs and other graphic materials related to the editing of the book. Subseries came with a note reading: "Additional photos not in the book. OK on computer."

Martine J. Reid

Working files

Sub subseries contains Don Bain's working files, used during the course of his Totem Pole Files creation. Record types include notes, photocopies of archival records, and correspondence related to the project.

Aboriginal Cultural Stewardship Program (ACSP)

Sub subseries consists of records related to Clavir’s participation in the Aboriginal Cultural Stewardship Program which was developed for Aboriginal people from B.C. to receive training in different cultural centres. Clavir served on the Advisory Committee for the AC Stewardship Program and ran the Conservation section of the program at the Museum of Anthropology. The records include correspondence, a summary report of the program and its participants, and a module outlining the museum’s coverage under the Program.

Binder 3

Subjects of this sub subseries include:

  • The opening exhibition of the Vancouver Centennial Museum, curated by the Museum of Anthropology
  • The opening ceremony of the new Museum of Anthropology building
  • Visit of Governor General Vincent Massey to UBC and the Museum of Anthropology
  • Moving totem poles from Totem Park to the new Museum of Anthropology building
  • Displays in the Great Hall and visible storage of the new Museum of Anthropology around the time of its opening
  • Displays and photographs of objects, largely but not exclusively from the Museum of Anthropology
    Plans, drawings, and models of the new Museum of Anthropology building

Binder 4

Subjects of this sub subseries include:

  • Visible storage, classes, and exhibitions at the new Museum of Anthropology around the time of its opening
  • Construction of the Haida House
  • Transportation and display of Museum of Anthropology materials for the "Man and His World" exhibit the museum curated in Montréal
  • Robert Davidson carving in the rotunda in Montréal for the exhibition "Man and His World"

General Teaching Records

Sub subseries consists of records related to courses taught by Clavir at the Museum of Anthropology such as those for the Centre for Continuing Education, guidelines and applications for internship funding through the Teaching Enhancement Fund, and syllabi (1991-2001) for ANTH 431, a course she taught from 1991-1992. Records include course outlines, teaching notes, memoranda, applications and conservation forms.

Binder 1

This sub subseries contains images on the following subjects:

  • Mungo Martin and Abaya Martin at UBC
  • Raising of the Mungo Martin Memorial Pole
  • Museum of Anthropology's exhibition at "Man and His World", 1969-1970
  • Reassembly of the Haida House on the grounds of the new Museum of Anthropology building
  • Totem poles being moved into the new Museum of Anthropology building
  • The Museum of Anthropology building in various states of construction

Administration records

Sub subseries consists of administration records including correspondence, information requests, public relations files, grant application information, budget information, papers, conferences and publications about Transforming Image.

Institutional photographs

Materials in this sub subseries consist largely of photographs taken by McLennan and research assistants (J.L. Gijssen and Mila Cotic) of bent wood boxes and other artifacts that would benefit from infrared photography as part of the transforming image exhibit. These photographs were all taken at various museums and institutions that were visited by McLennan, or if photographs of the artifacts existed, McLennan received copies of these from various institutions.

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