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Eagle Painting Red Border

Image depicts a painting done on wood, depicting an eagle. The painting is flanked by two small carvings that face the painting, depicting a bear and an eagle.

Eagle bas relief

Image depicts a side view of the top of a carving featuring an eagle. Photo appears to have been taken inside and another piece of art appears to the left side of the photo. Views of this carving can be seen in items a034483 - a034486.

Eagle carving

Image depicts a small carving that may represent an eagle.

Eagle carving

Image depicts a cedar carving that may be an eagle. The carving has been photographed outside on a mat.

Eagle carving held aloft

Image depicts a small carving that may represent an eagle. The carving is held up by hand and posed against a red building in the background.

Eagle painting

Image depicts an eagle, which seems to be painted on canvas rather than paper.

Face carving

Image depicts a human face, probably carved in wood. The image is cropped, but it appears that trees are growing behind this sculpture. This carving may be from Kitwanga, BC, as described by Read in his journal.

Facial closeup of freestanding carving

Image depicts a closeup of the head of a freestanding carving. Painted in black, white, and red, it depicts a face with prominent ears, eyes, and mouth. An unpainted section can be seen on the top of the head. See also items a34570 and a34572 for other views of this carving.

Feast dish

Image of a feast dish. This dish is now part of MOA's object collection.

Anthony Carter

Feast dish replica

Image of a replica of a feast dish, part of MOA's object collection.

Anthony Carter

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