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Sea eagle in ovoid form

Image depicts a painting of a sea eagle inside an ovoid form. Additional notes indicate this painting was made by Douglas Cranmer in 1964 or 1965.

Sea gull mask

Image depicts a sea gull mask, painted in brown, tan, white and gray. The mask is photographed outdoors on top of a mat.

Sea gull mask, side view

Image depicts a side view of a sea gull mask. The bottom section of a totem pole is visible on the right side of the photo.

Sea urchin catch

A close-up image of a person holding an open sea urchin. According to the documentation included with the filmstrip, the description of the image states "Mary-Lou has taken oar, cracked open a tuut-suup, and is eating the insides. Tuut-suup is eaten raw."

Selig and Gloria Kaplan fonds

  • 77
  • Fonds
  • Digitized 1998 - 2011 (originally created 1977 - 2011)

The fonds consists of photographs of Gloria Kaplan with various indigenous artists, whose names have been recorded in the image titles and IPTC metadata. The photographs were taken by Selig Kaplan with the intention of documenting the artists from whom the Kaplans acquired artwork or anticipated acquiring artwork from.

Kaplan family

Series of totem poles

Image depicts several totem poles erected in an open field in front of several wooden structures, possibly houses. Read's notes indicate that these poles are the Wawsemlarhae poles at Kispiox Village in the Skeena Valley.

Sharon Fortney fonds

  • 78
  • Fonds
  • 2006 - 2008

The fonds consists of one file titled Interview Transcripts, which contains recorded interviews, transcripts, and printed copies of transcribed interviews of research done by Sharon Fortney towards her PhD thesis titled Forging New Partnerships: Coast Salish Communities and Museums. Forney's thesis explores what motivates Coast Salish communities to participate in museum representations; considers the legal implications of such representations with respect to aboriginal rights; and analyzes of the diverse experiences of Coast Salish individuals in specific museum projects and partnerships with the goal of progressing museum and community interactions along a path to equal partnership.

The audiotapes in the fonds contain interviews with Coast Salish community members and artists regarding museums. The CD-R contains transcripts of interviews and is located in the temporary CD storage box. Sharon Fortney's curriculam vitae, thesis abstract, and 10 interviewee consent forms are located in the case file.

Sharon Fortney

Shrine on Old Zuni Mesa

Photograph depicts what Maude has identified as a shrine on Old Zuni Mesa in New Mexico, with rows of Pahos and prayer sticks.

Side view of totem in front of door

Image depicts a side view of a small-scale totem pole in front of a door. The pole depicts several figures--possibly three Thunderbirds with a seated human figure at the base. See items a034476 - a034482 for other views of this pole.

Side view portrait of a man in native clothing

A man wearing native clothing stands facing the right side of the copy print. His extended right arm is resting on something. A woman and other men are visible in the background.

Fred Ryckman

Signing the Bella Coola Treaty

Image of one person signing a paper. More people on the background.
Handwritten annotation on back "Signing the Bella Coola Treaty Jun. 1987"
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 114.

Martine J. Reid

Sisiul print

Image depicts the mythical serpent Sisiul, painted in black on white paper. Additional notes say, "Shutter 50 Ap. 2.8__4"

Skedans Mortuary Pole

Image of the original Skedans Mortuary Pole in Stanley Park. Pole carved in Skidegate in Haida Gwaii in the 1870's.

William Carr

Skeena Crossing totem pole

Image depicts a totem pole from Gitsegyukla (Skeena Crossing). Read`s notes call this the Pole of Mawlarhen. Depictions of frogs and an owl are visible. See also item a03426 for another view of this pole.

Slave killers

Image depicts two carvings entitled Slave Killers. The photograph was taken outside and the two figures appear to be getting ready to throw a black object.

Sleeping face

Image depicts a carved head. The eyes on the face are shut; the mouth is open in an o-shape.

Sleeping face, front view

Image depicts a carved head. The eyes on the face are shut; the mouth is open in an o-shape. This view depicts the entire face.

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