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People farming

Item is a photograph showing people working with oxen in a field. Some of the people are wearing head dresses,


Item is a photograph taken from above looking down onto a ceremony. A crowd is watching on the right and left sides of the photograph.

View of mountains

Item is a print showing snow-capped mountains in the background and water and shoreline in the foreground.

Nine people reclining outdoors

Item is a print of nine people reclining outdoors with mountains in the background. Names of people appear in the margins.

Teesta Valley

Item is a print of fenced buildings in the foreground; trees and mountain in background

Photo of a plain

Item is a print of a plain in the foreground; trees and mountain in background

Photo of four men

Item is a photo of four men posing outdoors. They are identified as Lhadine, Theji, Kung and Khenchung. Theji and Kung are wearing military uniforms.

Boys Posing Outdoors

Item is a negative showing children wearing light coloured hats and holding light coloured flags posing in front of a building. Behind them appear older men without the hats or flags.

The scullery at Chapei [with Valentina]

Photocopy of a page from the book Captives of Empire, featuring a photograph from camp Chapei in Shanghai, where Victor and his family were interned. The photo shows the scullery at the camp, and a group of people peeling potatoes. Valentina is one of women in the foreground.

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