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Martine J. Reid Potlatch
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Axu Leading Potlatch Procession

Image of Agnes Alfed leading a procession. People on the background.
Handwritten annotation on back "Axu leading potlatch procession. No date" and number 10-1.
Item was originally numbered by creator with number 123.

Martine J. Reid

Daisy Sewid - Lorne Smith Wedding Potlatch

Daisy Sewid and Lorne Smith wedding potlatch. Recorded by Martine de Widerspach-Thor (Reid) at the traditional Big House, Alert Bay.
3 copies. Identifiers are MAN 230a, 230b, 230c, 230d for the 3 copies.

Martine J. Reid

Agnes Alfred and Daisy Sewid-Smith at Jimmy Sewid's house

Conversation between Agnes Alfred and her granddaughter Daisy Sewid-Smith., recorded by Martine Reid at Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sewid's house, Campbell River on February 18, 1975.
Side 1: Agnes Alfred ad Daisy discuss the 1921 "illegal" potlatch at Village Island followed by the arrest of many participants, including herself and her husband.
Side 2: Regular and larger canoes, Agnes' may names and the origins of the names, where she was born, her houses, menstruation, pregnancy, having children, reincarnation, aristocracy, etc.

Martine J. Reid