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Elizabeth Lominska Johnson Engels
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Proposed Exhibits

Series consists of records relating to proposals for development of exhibits at MOA which did not result in completed exhibitions. The series includes memoranda, correspondences, notes, proposals, budgets, interview transcripts and photographs.

The series is arranged into the following sub-series:

Subseries A: Exhibit Cultural Property
Subseries B: Mah [Unbound Lives: Chinese Women’s Dress in the Twentieth Century Exhibit Proposal
Subseries C: Textile Exhibit
Subseries D: Exhibit Ideas
Subseries E: Textile Access Project
Subseries F: Door Gods
Subseries G: Mayan Project
Subseries H: Gu Xiong
Subseries I: Grace Young
Subseries J: Ulli Steltzer Photograph Exhibit

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Exhibit Cultural Property

Subseries consists of one file of correspondence and notes relating to a proposed exhibition of Peruvian artifacts in conjunction with the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Ulli Steltzer Photograph Exhibit

Subseries consists of one file relating to an exhibition, proposed by Ulli Steltzer to Elizabeth Johnson, on the subject of a photograph exhibit representing indigenous and ethnic minorities in China. The subseries includes a project proposal: stage 1, correspondence, and memoranda.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Translations of Traditions: Joanna Staniszkis’ Recent Work

Subseries consists records relating to the exhibit "Translations of Traditions: Joanna Staniszkis’ Recent Work". The exhibit was co-curated by Louise Jackson and Elizabeth Johnson of MOA, with Johnson acting as exhibit coordinator. It was installed in Gallery 5 at MOA from Feb 18 to May 24, 1992. Joanna Staniszkis is an internationally known Canadian textile artist. Records include: agreements, articles from newspapers and professional journals, brochures, budget, CHIN artifact list printout, conference speaking notes, correspondence, drafts of text for the didactic panels, exhibit diagram, flyer, final report, funding application, memos, notes, permission forms, phone message, a student paper, slides and a timeline.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Collections’ administrative and operational files

Subseries consists of records pertaining to collections’ administrative and operational functions, and to committees associated with the acquisition and collection of materials and artifacts. Records include acquisition guidelines drafts, acquisition policy memoranda, acquisitions professional guidelines policy, Anthropology 431 syllabus, area committee records, articles, budgets, cataloguing procedures, collections policy drafts, collections procedures, collections reports, collections surveys, condition reports, correspondence, deaccessioning policy draft, draft guidelines, draft code of ethics, draft policies, ethnology collection storage statistics, executive committee records, job description, job posting, insurance, loan forms, memoranda, minutes, notes, object lists, professional guidelines, project overviews, research notes, transcripts of research interviews, and workshop for curators outline.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Fiftieth Anniversary

Subseries consists of records relating to planning for MOA’s fiftieth anniversary celebrations. The records in this file consist of notes, minutes, memoranda, correspondence, agendas, events schedules, requests for funds.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Convergence 2002

Subseries consists of records relating to an event entitled Convergence hosted by the Handweavers Guild of America. In particular the records in this series focus on the Museum of Anthropology’s involvement and correspondence supporting the 2002 Convergence in Vancouver, hosted by the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild. Records relating to the event planning activities include correspondence, letters of reference for participants in the event, presentation and seminar proposals, artist biographies, resumes, business cards, delegate registration book, schedules, roles and responsibilities, guidelines, planning notes, textile list, culturally sensitive object list, workshop descriptions and schedules, loan receipts, memoranda, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot periodical, and ephemera.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Staff retreat notes

Subseries consists of records relating to staff retreats from 1978 to 1982. The records included in this series are notes.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Goals and plans

Series consists of records relating to Elizabeth Johnson’s statement of goals, and records relating to her projected activities as curator and her responsibilities for the MOA Archives outlined in a three-year plan. Records include statements of goals, program plans, memoranda, and correspondence.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Special sessions

Subseries consists of records relating to a course taught by Elizabeth Johnson at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The course was entitled ‘Curatorial Research’ and was offered by the department of Clothing and Textiles records. Records in this series include correspondence notes a syllabus, receipts, and lecture outlines.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

The Unity Quilt

Subseries consists of records relating to the exhibit, The Unity Quilt. Elizabeth Johnson was coordinator and co-curator with Ellen Antoine of the Indian Homemakers of BC. This exhibit focused on work made by participants in the Traditional Parenting Skills Program of the Indian Homemakers’ Association of B.C. Records include: correspondence, MOA exhibit proposal form (blank), exhibit labels, memos, notes, press release, photographs, negatives, slides, and participant statements.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

My Ancestors are still Dancing

Subseries consists of records relating to the exhibit “My Ancestors are Still Dancing” at MOA. As part of a “living” exhibition, Tsimshian weaver William White from Lax Kw’alaams was commissioned to publicly weave a child-size robe in Gallery 8. The exhibit displayed William White’s weavings, historical weavings from MOA’s collection, and historical and contemporary photographs of people wearing Chilkat regalia. The exhibit was installed in 2001 and ran through until September 28, 2002. Records include acquisition/artifact lists, artist biography, budget, correspondence, exhibit labels, exhibit proposals, exhibit panel layouts, exhibit resource binders, grant applications, internal forms (consent forms), installation diagrams, map, meeting agendas memoranda, notes, object records, photographs and slides, photocopies of photographs, professional guidelines, reports, schedules, recorded audio research interviews, transcripts of research interviews, travelling exhibit, and visitor comments.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson


Subseries consists of a record relating to Elizabeth Johnson’s activities as instructor for Anthropology 302. Record consists of a lecture outline.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Miscellaneous teaching material

Subseries consists of a handmade, laminated booklet about the preservation and display of textiles. The book was made by Elisa Dubuc while she was an intern at MOA. The book was created to introduce visitors to the textile collection.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Hakka Mountain songs and laments collection

  • 137
  • Collectie
  • 1976 - [200-]

Collection consists of six compact discs with recordings of Hakka Mountain songs and laments, sung by Mrs. Yau Chan Shek-ying in 1976, along with accompanying documentation. Documentation includes lists of recordings with song descriptions, song translations/transcriptions, a photograph and bio of the singer, and articles collected by Elizabeth Lominska Johnson. The songs were sung in an older dialect of Hakka. Song types include marriage laments, mountain songs, and funeral laments.

Hakka mountain, or Hakka hill songs, are rural songs sung in the Hakka language by the Hakka people of Southern China. The songs vary in theme/subject, and exist as a kind of oral literature and/or communication at a distance.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson fonds

  • 21
  • Archief
  • 1980 - 2006

The records in this fonds were created and received in the course of Elizabeth Johnson’s tenure at the Museum of Anthropology. The records relate to activities Johnson was involved in through her various positions at the Museum, including: involvement with exhibitions, collections, the museums relations with the community and various community events sponsored by the museum, teaching and various administrative activities. The fonds consists of agendas, agreements, articles, artifact lists, attendance figures, biographies, books, business cards, budgets, calendar of events, catalogue drafts, comment books, conference schedule, consent forms, contract lists, correspondence, course descriptions, curators statement, declaration, diagram, drawings, evaluations, exhibit labels, expenses, internal forms (exhibit proposal forms), financial records, flyers, final reports, guidelines, grant applications, invitations, lecture notes, memoranda, minutes of meetings, museum exhibit diagrams, notes, permission forms, photographs, photograph labels, posters, plans, policies, press releases, proposals, publications (books), publicity records, receipts, reports, reproductions of newspaper ads and articles, research notes, revisions, schedules, slide list, slides, speaking notes, student papers, surveys, syllabi, teaching notes, transcripts of research interviews, audio cassettes of interviews, translations, visitor surveys and comments, and videos.

The fonds is arranged in the following series:

  1. Proposed Exhibits
  2. Exhibits
  3. Collections
  4. Special projects and events series
  5. Correspondence series
  6. Museum education series
  7. Administrative series
  8. Academic materials

See attached pdf document for description of series and file lists.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Mayan Project

The material in this subseries relates to a proposed exhibition on the Mayan civilization. Much of the material here focuses on the subject of the commission of various textiles from Guatemala for the exhibition. The subseries also includes materials related to events which occurred peripherally to the development of the exhibit, in particular a file which focuses on ‘Maiwa’ a conference which took place in 2004 and the records of a Mayan Cultural evening hosted by the Museum of Anthropology in 2002 which involved many of the same people who played a part in the process of the textile commission. The records in this subseries are comprised of correspondence, notes, financial records, including budgets and receipts, schedules, minutes, contracts, grant applications, documents relating to museum objects acquisitions, agendas, interview transcripts, drawings and ephemera.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Gu Xiong

Subseries relates to a proposed exhibition or portion of an exhibition which was to be called ‘Blue Thread an Installation by Gu Xiong’. The subseries includes correspondence, an exhibition catalogue of Gu Xiong’s work, a consent form, and newspaper photocopies.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

A Family Affair: Making Cloth in Taquile Peru

Subseries consists of records relating to the exhibit "A Family Affair: Making Cloth in Taquile Peru". This exhibit was installed at MOA from May 9 – Oct 1 1989, in Gallery 5. Elizabeth Johnson coordinated this exhibit; it was curated by Mary Frame. Records include: correspondence, grant applications, labels, newsletters, newspaper articles, drawings, notes, phone messages, slide list, statements of agreement, photocopies of documents outlining the layout and budget for the exhibit, inventories of materials used and notes on the exhibit graphics, photocopies of photos selected for the exhibit, and copies of the text for the didactic panels.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

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