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Fred Ryckman Com objeto digital
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Portrait of two men in front of structure

Two men wearing white shirts, dark trousers, and broad brimmed hats stand in front of a building. Man on left has suspenders; man on right is wearing a scarf at neck.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of man and woman in front of horse

Woman on left and man on right stand outside in front of a horse near a shelter. Woman has a purse or similar decorative pouch attached to waist. Clothing is a mix of western and native styles.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of two men on horseback

Two men sit astride horses outside. The man on the left wears a cap; the man on the right a broad-brimmed hat. Clothing is western style.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of two men in front of tipi, view three

Two men sit in front of a tipi. The one on the left wears native clothing. The one on the right wears western style clothing and is writing in a book. The front flap of tipi is open and debris scattered in the grass in front. Structure in background.

Fred Ryckman

Portrait of a man and wagon

A man stands in front of a wagon or cart housed in an open-air shed. Trees appear in the distance.

Fred Ryckman

View of lake and mountains, version two

View from the shore of lake with mountains in the distance. Several canoes are visible on the lake; three people can be seen walking toward the lake in the lower centre of the print.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait in front of church

This large group portrait includes men (sitting on steps), women (standing behind them) and several children posed in front of a church.

Fred Ryckman

Group portrait of three men

Three men stand posed for the camera. Two (positioned copy left and centre) wear native clothing. The third, positioned copy right, wears western-style dress. A fourth man (wearing native dress) to the far right is not completely visible in this photograph. The group stands in front of a wooden structure.

Fred Ryckman

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