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Orientation Centre records

Series consists of slides that were created but never used for the Orientation Centre slide show. Slides are divided into 2 main groups: Museum of Anthropology and Native Culture. Within each group, the slides are subdivided by different themes:

Museum of Anthropology has 7 themes: K’san Door Opening (May '76 - 9 slides); Miscellaneous (4 slides); Press Conference (34 slides); Opening (100 slides); Installation (55 slides); Pre-Data Book Installation (7 slides); and Artifacts (6 slides).

Native Culture has 6 themes: Technology (61 slides); Landscape, Habitat and Lifestyle (187 slides; Weaving (7 slides); Native Art (9 slides); University of Washington Map of the North West Coast (5 slides); and Native Art and Life (83 slides).

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