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Hakka Mountain songs and laments collection

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  • 1976 - [200-]

Collection consists of six compact discs with recordings of Hakka Mountain songs and laments, sung by Mrs. Yau Chan Shek-ying in 1976, along with accompanying documentation. Documentation includes lists of recordings with song descriptions, song translations/transcriptions, a photograph and bio of the singer, and articles collected by Elizabeth Lominska Johnson. The songs were sung in an older dialect of Hakka. Song types include marriage laments, mountain songs, and funeral laments.

Hakka mountain, or Hakka hill songs, are rural songs sung in the Hakka language by the Hakka people of Southern China. The songs vary in theme/subject, and exist as a kind of oral literature and/or communication at a distance.

Elizabeth Lominska Johnson

Woman and drum

Image depicts a woman wearing regalia carrying a drum and mallet. The drum is painted with an image that may be an eagle.

Dan George & band in traditional clothing

Image of Dan George and three others in traditional dress, playing music. In this image, a man is playing a hand drum and another man (Dan George?) is dancing.

Anthony Carter

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